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Mojdeh Mehregan Pergas Deniz Tourism and Tourism Company

Mojdeh Mehregan Pergas Deniz, a tourist tourist in Alborz province, is the main activity of Iran Tourism and Tourism Company and helps to understand the society from this new branch of tourism in Iran and expand the cooperation and activity of this company to others. The provinces of the country.
Introduction :
Today, one of the most growing examples of tourism is health improvement tourism, which points to some of the reasons and motivations for tourists in this field:
- Improving body health and thinking (weight loss programs, more physical health and stress management)
- Rest and multiplicity of nerves
-Using medical facilities and services (such as specialized surgeries)
Use the climatic and natural features of an area to relax the body and mind
As we can see, health tourists are not necessarily sick. In fact, most of these people seek to strengthen their bodies and use the facilities for this purpose. Meanwhile, service providers in this sector also encourage their customers to take preventive measures.
"Medical tourism" refers to tourism that travels to another country to use the climate and natural attractions and medical facilities for treatment, medical tourism and health tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world's tourism industry, which causes Occupied organizations and countries interested in developing tourism have drawn attention to this part of the tourism industry and plan for it. Industrial life in most countries of the world has requirements and has created needs for people in different societies. On the other hand, in developed countries, indoor activities such as gardening watch t Television, computer use, and workloads have made it more difficult to look at time-consuming programs outside the home, such as travel and tourism, and a short-term vacation with a specific schedule. For example, 30 percent of Australians. They don't go on annual vacations at all, but instead the desire to spend time at home and do things like repair and take care of housework has increased, and the reason is that most of them consider this kind of spending time as a kind of personal investment. It can be concluded that recreation alone cannot be the motivation for traveling to tourist areas Tourists must be convinced that a trip to a city and not just leisure tourism can be a personal investment, investing in:
1- Physical and mental growth and health.
2- Learning and teaching.
3. Investing in business development and building relationships.
4- Strengthening individual identity and inner peace.
5. Progress in social status.
In this way, the competition for leisure increases a little more and the remaining travel destinations encourage various tourist programs to attract special tourists to the city or tourist destination, so that the trip to those entertainment destinations, which see a kind of personal investment. . Some cities and tourist areas are more successful in attracting tourists with special interests today due to the variety of tourism products offered in the past.

The goals of developing the health tourism industry in Iran:

Among the most important goals that can be set for the development of the health tourism industry in the country are the following:
1- Employment creation and quality growth in the country's health sector and approaching world standards.
2- Job creation and qualitative growth in the field of Islamic-Iranian tourism.
3- Gaining income and currency to the country and supporting economic growth in the country.
4- Potential and qualitative growth according to international standards in the country's insurance industry.
5- Qualitative improvement of medical systems in different parts of the country.
6- Becoming a health tourism hub in the region.
7- Attracting health tourists from Central Asian and Caucasian countries, Persian Gulf countries and Islamic countries.

The importance of health tourism:

The tourism industry is the second largest in the world in terms of revenue generation, and investment in health is the third largest investment in the world, according to the World Bank, so the two together provide a very good and secure area for investment, so that the occupancy rate The hospital board in the country is about 60 to 70 percent, the rest of the capacity can be used to receive and treat foreign patients. Treatment or recovery time goes to other countries, so the quality is high Service, competitive price with countries in the region, unique tourist attractions (monuments) neighbors in the medical industry, including factors that could help to attract tourism.
Medical tourism is one of the most important parts of health systems in governments around the world. As a result, some countries have gained a steady source of income from this place and have been able to take great strides in the development of the medical tourism sector.
However, due to its geographical and strategic location in the Middle East and Asia, Iran is one of the potential centers of medical tourism, which in addition to earning money, can employ physicians abroad and also export medical equipment. Provide.

What is medical tourism?

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN-WTO), one of the goals that can motivate tourists to travel is to travel for health, which is what they call health tourism.
Therapeutic tourism is one of the types of health tourism, which is as follows:
Health Tourism: Health tourism is one of the types of tourism that is divided into the following three sections:
1- Health tourism, travel to health villages and mineral springs without doctor's intervention
2- Therapeutic tourism: the use of mineral water, salt, natural sludge, sunny areas, etc. under the supervision and intervention of a physician.
3- Medical tourism: Travel in order to treat the disease and perform surgery under the supervision of doctors in the medical center, which in addition to treatment includes patient follow-up.
In fact, health tourism is a type of tourism that takes more than 24 hours and less than a year to maintain, improve and regain physical and mental health. In this way, a health tourist travels from his permanent place of residence. He can use the medical services of the destination to get his physical and mental health
A kind of tourism that is fortunately popular in Iran these days and attracts many tourists from the countries of the region to benefit from Iran's medical and medical services.
Of course, it is not bad to know that health tourism in Iran has a very short history
But among the definitions of the World Tourism Organization, there are other terms that expand the scope of health tourism.
Health tourism (welhess Tovrist)
One of these terms refers to tourist travel to health villages and areas with mineral springs and hot springs (spa). In this type of travel, tourists go to get rid of the stresses of daily life and rejuvenation without medical intervention and supervision. These tourists usually do not have a specific physical illness and are more interested in enjoying the healing nature of other areas.
Curative Torism also means tourist travel to use natural healing resources (mineral water, salt, sludge, etc.) that are usually used to treat certain diseases by recovering under medical supervision and intervention. The type of tourism has also attracted the attention of tourism officials in the country these days, especially sludge therapy, which has made Iran's nature very popular among neighboring countries.
Medical Tourism (Medical Tourist) is another type of health tourism in which travel to treat physical illnesses or perform some type of surgery under the supervision of physicians in hospitals and medical centers is called medical tourism.
In this type of health tourism, the patient may need to use the spaces and services of medical tourism (such as hot springs) after treatment and treatment, in which case his tourism may be completed by traveling to places that have these facilities.

Health Tourism History:

Health tourism has long existed. Some believe that this phenomenon has existed in Europe since ancient Greece and Rome and then spread to other parts of the world. In ancient times, people with respiratory or rheumatic diseases found that in In some areas, specific climates have contributed to their improvement, and the term SPA (spa), most likely derived from the Latin root espa meaning (spring), refers to areas with hot mineral waters that are receptive. Tourists have been used for rest and treatment.
There is ample evidence of the importance of hot and mineral water among Iranians, especially the categories of Bu Ali Sina, which divide these areas into "spiritual sanatoriums, healing springs and hot springs" and examine how to use each category. It has been shown to be of scientific importance to Iranians in such areas. Previously, the remaining monuments in Neishabour City show a stone canal system for the transfer of mineral springs near the temple of Anahita. It has five thousand years of mineral springs in different parts of Iran There are more than 30 mineral elements such as magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium, etc., and some of them have radioactive properties.
Residents of neighboring countries, especially the Gulf states, have long traveled to Iran for medical care, but what is the exact history of these trips?
Accurate information is not available. Due to cultural and ethnic and sometimes family ties, most of these patients were referred to Fars and Azerbaijan provinces for treatment. There are various reasons for this, including reasonable and cheaper prices, high quality of treatment in Iran compared to other countries. Area, lack of some services such as infertility treatment, organ transplantation, especially kidney transplantation, cochlea, cornea and liver, rhinoplasty and ...
In the 1980s, the issue of medical tourism was officially considered in the form of entrepreneurship in the health sector. At that time, government centers were also considered for this purpose.
In this decade, following the establishment of employment headquarters in various ministries, medical tourism in the form of international health services was considered. Although in 2004 the Health Tourism Management Council was formed in the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, but so much in This has not worked.
It should be noted that due to the difference in prices between medical services in Iran and other countries and the cheaper prices in Iran, there is a tendency in the private and formal private sector to use this advantage. Therefore, various individuals and companies, including medical and tourism groups or other people, have entered this path spontaneously, and without any supervision or special standards, tourists from neighboring countries, European and American countries to treat Of course, many of these tourists are Iranians living abroad (living in Europe and the United States).

History of Tourism in Iran:

Before the arrival of Islam in Iran, travelers and tourists had special privileges and rights, and considering the motive and purpose of the trip, it was possible to determine its limits and realize their rights. The share of the Middle East and Iran in the tourism industry of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) The World Tourism Organization (WHO) said in a 2005 report that significant tourist growth in the Middle East has become the world's fourth largest tourist destination, and that the number of tourist trips to the Middle East is growing. Understand that by explaining and determining Iran's attractions and research and guaranteeing the amount of taq The implications of foreign travel to Iran and then the proximity of social, political, and neoliberal environmental unrest and adversity that oblige the government to pave the way for the exploration of freedoms that lead to employment, one of the highlights of which is respect for powerful private property and trade. Free in free markets In order to attract and guide and sustainable development of tourism and ecotourism will increase Iran's share of this industry and ultimately benefit from cultural, social and economic resources.

Iran's position in the field of medical tourism:

In fairness, Iran is a very beautiful and attractive place, which is a combination of dark steel colors, three-branched and colorful golden mountains of soil, sand and desert sand, and of course a novel and beautiful view in front of blue, green, purple and indigo. The water of many complex lakes and mineral springs is not far from the mountains, and with these capacities, it is possible to build a very beautiful and interesting tourist town or village, and of course with suitable mineral pools, hotels and other facilities that one day It is considered to be the best tourist and tourism area in the world, a place with incredible facilities ...! Due to its great potential in the field of treatment and tourist attractions, Iran can become one of the important hubs of medical tourism. Iran has the tenth, fifth and fourth places in the world in terms of natural tourist attractions, water and ancient tourism, respectively. However, the medical tourism market has not shown a significant share, while medical tourism is considered as the third industry in the world and some countries such as Spain make a living through this industry today with the industrialization of countries and various pains in the soul. And the human body discusses "medical tourism" is one of the growing sectors of the tourism industry in Iran Medical tourism in our country is an inter-agency issue, so that the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Welfare are among the agencies involved in expanding this.

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