In the name of God

Real Estate Development Company Etook Pergas Deniz Raiken Malakin

Itok Pergas Deniz Real Estate Advisors Company, as the real and legal executor of the administrative affairs of construction projects, is ready to cooperate in performing all administrative, investment, consulting and executive services of its clients' property inside and outside Iran, in the form of Obtaining inquiries from the centers by solving administrative problems and obstacles
"Consultation and dialogue are the only solution"

Relevant to governmental and non-governmental organizations, including banks, finance and taxation, municipal and beautification, registration of documents and real estate, engineering system, housing and urban development, natural resources, Mostazafan Foundation, Imam Farman, Maskan Foundation, Registration, etc. In order to obtain a map order, building permit (Jawaz), non-violations, licenses of water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and social security departments, fire and alarm announcement, elevator, acquisition of end-of-life operation, separate document , Required to document, cleaner in the municipalities, receive property inquiry at the end of the old and similar work, with the power of attorney of c. Of course, while maintaining the rights of that institution, we are in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Mazandaran, Gilan, Qazvin and Qom.
"Your confidence is the fuel of our journey"

The engineering company is also active in the following fields as a subspecialty:
1- Buying and selling property in the form of "lease on condition of ownership".
2. Buying and selling, the right to patent notaries.
"We'll show you everything we've said."

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