In the name of God

Pegasus Dennis Subspecialty Group

Pergas Deniz's subspecialty group of two major companies:
1. Real Estate Development Engineering Company Itok Pergas Deniz Raiken Malakin.
2. Mojdeh Pergas Deniz Trading Company of Jam Traders.
And also from the three main sub-branches which are:
A: Mojdeh Mehregan Pergas Deniz Tourism and Tourism Company.
B: Itok Shams Pergas Deniz Renewable Energy Company.
A: Arman Pardazan Advertising Company, Pergas Deniz Publishing.
And also from the five sub-branches that include:
-Pergas Technical and Cleaning Services Company Mehr House.
- Pergas Distribution and Distribution Company in Ordibehesht.
- Pergas Dennis Sear Transport Company.
- Pergas Deniz Customs Clearance Company.
-Itok Pergas Dennis Computer and Electronics Company.
Composed .

The company's first to fourth subsidiaries will begin operations in the near future.

Pakari is the main group of subspecialty group of Pergas Deniz companies, introducing Iran to the people of the earth with the right-wing Persian, good-natured, committed to swearing and ancient history.

Dr. Amir Hossein Irvani
21/11/1398 - Monday
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