Contracts and agreements that people make with each other have a series of obligations and main effects and a series of obligations and side effects ...

Rent on condition of ownership

A study of the structures involved in promoting health tourism in Alborz province

People often ask themselves why solar energy is good. As a result, the importance of solar energy technology cannot be understood.

Seven Reasons to Use Solar Energy

The role of nutrition in living organisms is not hidden from anyone. Every living thing has the characteristic of receiving energy from its surroundings and changing, converting and consuming energy ...

Feeding livestock and poultry

Today, despite the increasing advances of the digital age, the business card still maintains its place in the advertising and information industry ....

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Buying, selling, upgrading, supporting and consulting electronic and computer systems


Health Tourism

Importing tourists instead of exporting oil

Ignoring the tourism industry and not attracting foreign tourists is not a new phenomenon for us, but it has always been questionable for foreign observers, because Iran is on the list of the top ten tourist countries in the world and the exchange rate of the rial with many currencies. Countries should also be a double factor in attracting foreign tourists. But unlike these attractions, tourism revenue in 2017 was less than $ 1 billion, and the outlook for the industry is not positive.

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Our ideals

Mojdeh Mehrgan Pergas Deniz has pursued low ideals in health tourism and will not give up until all of these goals are met:
1- Job creation.
2- Introducing our country Iran to the world.
3- Introducing the Iranian people to the world.
4- Cutting the export of oil, gas and mineral products in raw form.

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Medical facilities and equipment of Iran

According to the latest information from the World Scoop site, Iran's medical position in the world has climbed 32 steps in the last decade. The Expos site is an international database in the fields of basic sciences, medicine and engineering, etc., and determines the ranking of countries in these sciences.

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Why solar home power plants

Itok Pergas Deniz Computer and Electronics Company

Deniz was registered in 2009 in Tehran. From the beginning, the company's activities are designed and started based on the five main branches. It is internal and external.

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Pergas Deniz McLean Online, brand owners, manufacturers and tenants inside and outside Iran
Support Library

Support Library

- Consulting and design
- Remove administrative barriers
- Investment and participation in construction
- Contracting
- offset
- Presell
- Sales
- Exchange
- Mortgage And Rent

Deputy of Supply

Deputy of Supply

- Introducing and concluding project contracts
- Construction machinery
- Manpower
- Building Materials
- Construction supplies and equipment

Deputy of Projects

Deputy of Projects

- Excavation and excavation
- Structural
- Facilities
- Landscaping
- Road Construction

Pergas Deniz Publishing

Foreign customers


Domestic customers





People are often unfair, irrational and self-centered, but forgive them. If you are kind, you will be accused of having hidden motives, but be kind. If you are honorable and honest, they will deceive you, but be honest and sincere.
They forget your goodness today, but be good. Give your best to the world, even if it's never enough. In the end, you see that everything that exists is always between you and God, not between you and the people.
Cyrus the Great

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