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Publish Date :1399/02/20 - 16:10
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Animal Feed Association warns of crisis in chicken and egg supply + document

The head of the Iranian Livestock and Poultry Inputs Distributors Association said that the implementation of the market plan for the supply of livestock inputs without eliminating the shortcomings is the cause of the crisis in the supply of chicken and eggs.

 انجمن خوراک دام

According to the Tasnim News Agency's economic correspondent, the chairman of the Iranian Livestock and Poultry Distributors' Distributors Association sent a letter to the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture's Strategic Reserves Planning, Distribution and Market Regulation Office to implement a market plan to supply livestock inputs without resolving the crisis He provided chicken and eggs.

The text of the letter reads:

Director General of the Office of Marketing, Distribution and Marketing Planning and Strategic Reserves
Hello, hereby following the order of His Excellency, he warns the cases that cause disruption in the process of presenting the goods in the "Bazaargah" system:
1. Many end users in the country for various reasons such as lack of familiarity with computers, lack of training, lack of access to the Internet, lack of banking communication with the system (mainly having overdue debt and fear of blocking the account) and… still able to buy from They do not have the system.
2- Lack of a solution for defective and unloadable loads for any reason, including sending unsatisfactory loads by the merchant (importing company) or cheating the driver and. In the system.
3. Unfortunately, despite your promise, we have not yet been notified of the price approved by the protection organization for credit sales. As you can see, the announcement of a reasonable price for long-term sales by distributors can largely solve the problem of the lack of liquidity of the country's producers.
4- Credit sales in the country are calculated based on the loading time, while the maturity of the credit payment in the system is designed based on the order time, and due to the uncertainty of the loading time, this case needs to be corrected in the system.
5. Input distributors have so far received checks from their customers for long-term sales, but this has not been seen in the "marketplace" system. Naturally, not receiving a check from a customer will impair credit sales.
6- Editing the bill of lading is not possible at all even before payment and if it is registered incorrectly, it is not possible to change it.
7- Another problem of the system regarding credit stores is that it is not possible for the buyer to pay before completing the whole order (closing the order), which is the main problem of the "Bazaargah" system.
8. It is not possible to order a partial settlement or even a bill of lading by order, and the buyer is only able to pay the total amount of the total purchase after the delivery of the total tonnage purchased.
As well as many problems such as:
In some transactions, the buyer made the payment through the payment system, but unfortunately this amount was not credited to the supplier's account and was not deducted from the buyer's account, and in the status system it was changed to "paid". Lack of coordination of information such as the address and postal code of the buyer with other systems, including the comprehensive system of goods and services management after clearance and the comprehensive system of warehouses, it is not possible to cancel the order for any reason, including the buyer's request. The supplier of the product in his user panel cannot view the supply board. It is not possible to edit the offered shortcut, and it is only possible to delete it. The review of the offered quota is very time consuming and it is not possible to confirm the supply after office hours.
The system also fails to repay the amount of the deficit from the supplier to the buyer, and in practice this is not possible. In cash purchases, the buyer cannot view the shipping bill of lading and shipping details. It is not possible to search for the supplier of goods in the sales sign. Due to the high volume of calls from suppliers and buyers with the support of the market system, contacting the support unit is very time consuming and difficult.
Based on this and many other issues that have made it difficult to operate in the system space and approaching the Eid night hatchery market, the Distributors' Association invites you to postpone the time of mandatory activity in the system from the possibility of a crisis in the country to Prevent chicken and egg production shortages.