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With the production of a kind of transparent shell, the world record for converting solar energy into electricity was broken

Australian researchers have developed a clear, flexible, and intelligent shell that uses the quantum dot nanoparticles to enhance the solar panel's ability to generate electricity.

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Researchers have developed a flexible and intelligent solar shell that can supply electricity to homes, cars and mobile phones.
Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, led by Liangio Wang, are researching nanoparticles called Quantum Dot. These particles transmit electrons and generate electricity in the presence of sunlight.
Quantum Dot particles can be printed on flexible sheets and used as transparent shells on various devices such as mobile phones, electric cars, windows and various surfaces.
Researchers at the Australian Research Board, Lianzhou Wang, and a group of researchers have broken the global record for converting solar energy into electricity using quantum dot particles.
According to Wang, solar cells made with quantum particles are 20 percent more efficient in low light conditions than normal specimens.

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