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Mojdeh Mehrgan Pergas Deniz has pursued low ideals in health tourism and will not give up until all of these goals are met:
1- Job creation.
2- Introducing our country Iran to the world.
3- Introducing the Iranian people to the world.
4- Cutting off the export of oil, gas and mineral products in raw form.

Familiarity with the types of jobs in the tourism industry

Tourism industry jobs

The tourism industry and its growth and development as a profitable and profitable industry in any country and city can give a lot of prosperity to that country or city and in any way can be effective in its progress. Be useful in creating jobs and creating various jobs in all other fields, including cultural, economic and social fields. In this section, we will introduce the types of jobs available in this industry.
آرمان های شرکت مُژده مِهرگان پِرگاس دِنیز

Types of tourism

Before we explain the types of tourism jobs, we first describe the types of tourism to get more familiar with this field, and then we go to the types of jobs in the tourism industry. The following areas of interest to tourists in this area and the types of markets that attract travelers and tourists include the following.
شرکت مُژده مِهرگان پِرگاس دِنیز

Ecotourism, in fact, is a tourist destination that attracts nature lovers, and travelers who consider environmental tourism are included in this area.
Cultural tourism: In this type of tourism, cultural attractions are more important to tourists than anything else. These cultural attractions have a wide meaning and concept, from museums to exhibitions and watching sports events and traditional celebrations and food and clothing festivals. And includes and.
Commercial tourism are trips made by people to participate in markets, industrial fairs and visit factory facilities. This type of tourism has a long history and only its type has changed.

گردشگری تجاری

Traveling to the countryside; this type of travel is for the purpose of avoiding the artificial and modern environment, and in fact, people want to give their souls and spirits a break by traveling to these areas.
Religious and pilgrimage tourism is the most common type of tourism in the world, and people travel to places of pilgrimage according to their religious beliefs.
Accident Travel: Risk-taking on these trips makes such trips attractive, including mountaineering, boating or rock climbing, which adventurers enjoy.
Sports tourism: One of the most obvious of these types of trips, which are held for various events, is the holding of the Olympic Games, which also has a special impact on the media.
Health tourism; In this type of tourism, people with medical goals or their doctor's advice choose a destination for travel and go there.
گردشگری سلامتی

Types of jobs in the tourism industry

Currently, one out of every 13 jobs is related to the tourism industry, and the academic field of study in this industry is one of the most popular fields of study. Below we tell you about the jobs of the tourism industry
airplane hostess
One of the jobs of the tourism industry and the job that many people are interested in is the flight attendant, but in order to achieve this dream, you must first be tall enough and pass the relevant courses. Of course, there are advantages in this job, and that is that some airlines give honorary tickets to their staff, and in addition to the trips that are made for the job, these people also experience other trips.

مشاغل صنعت گردشگری

Working in a hostel

The cost of accommodation on a trip is the highest cost per person has to pay for the place they choose to travel and travel, so don't miss out on this opportunity, as some hostels allow passengers to work for them during their stay. This is also one of the jobs in the tourism industry
teaching English
Knowing English is a positive advantage and you can easily create a job for yourself as an English teacher in any country, which is one of the most popular jobs in the tourism industry.

توریست سلامت


If you are a good writer and you are interested in writing and you like to surf the internet, choose this job from the tourism industry, which is the best option for you who are looking for a job. You can introduce different tourist attractions, hotels and different cities in the desired blog or provide yourself with income advertising.
You can choose the photography profession and work as one of the jobs in the tourism industry to record memorable moments for yourself and others.
Foreign Ministry employee
Another job in the tourism industry is an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows you to travel to different cities and countries.

شرکت مژده مهرگان پرگاس دنیز

tour guide

This job is one of the most attractive jobs in the tourism industry and is suitable for those who are interested in traveling and sightseeing
Cruise ship spy
Another job in the tourism industry that is full of attractions is this job. Living in the high seas is definitely one of the most enjoyable and exciting types of life, and working on a cruise ship is a lot of fun. In this field, you can work with any specialization and skill and work in these ships, and in fact, you can travel to any place and work and have fun without paying for travel and accommodation.

Children's Home Teacher

If you are interested in children, go to another country as a home school teacher and teach the children of that language in one house. This is another job in the tourism industry
Working in a travel agency
This job, along with its many benefits, is for those who are interested in planning a trip or in sections

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